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Is it hard to sleep?

Most people with chronic pain know that it can be hard to sleep. Not getting enough restful sleep can make your symptoms worse and lead to a vicious cycle of sleepless nights and more pain. But did you know that there are things you can do before bedtime to help? For example, some good ideas include:

-taking a hot bath or shower before bed

-sitting for an hour-reading a book before laying down to sleep

-listening to soothing music

-having drinks like herbal tea, chamomile tea, or warm milk near bedtime

If your chronic spinal pain is causing you sleepless nights it’s time to consult with a specialist. Montesano Spine and Sport is here to help:

For Beverly Hills and West Coast of America patients, please call310-858-5561 OR 1-866-79-DR-SPINE.

For Sarasota Florida OR East Coast of America patients, please call 1-941-402-4003.