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Past Questions

Yes, we offer Fly-in Treatment for advanced, minimally invasive spinal procedures. We’ll arrange everything from transportation from the airport to resort accommodations for any budget. We’ll schedule a consultation with you and develop a personalized treatment plan for your neck or back pain. If it is decided that you need surgery, we will plan an operation that is designed to both minimize your pain and help quickly get you back to your lifestyle.

In general rehabilitation involves first low impact aerobic exercises such as walking treadmill and when the woman closes and aquatic program after about four weeks we would also institute Core strengthening exercises.

Most patients will have some residual pain following the most successful Spine Surgery. The best results are obtained by first selecting highly motivated patients who want to get better and understand the importance of exercise nutrition and maintaining an appropriate BMI.

The Most Important Member

Perhaps the most important trait that separates an empowered patient from the rest is the role of “active participant,” as a fully participating partner on the healthcare team. Remember that you are the most important member on your healthcare team! You know your body better than anyone else, and it is both your right and your responsibility to fully participate in any decision-making involving your care.